1/72 A13 Cruiser Tank

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A13 Cruiser tank. Both Desert and Green. 1/72 scale paper model.

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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
JT McNally 10 10 9 Can beat free - awesome item!
John Acar 10 9 8 It is a good looking tank model. My only gripe is that the track system is a multipart system. You have to build each wheel. I would have been much happier with a solid track system like Best Paper Models uses on the smaller scale tanks.
mark purchase 10 10 10 Brilliant model, Great to see the A series of British armour for early war39-40 / desert 41
Tomas Matic 10 10 10 A nice papercraft design of an all but forgotten British tank design.
paul needham 10 10 10 great quality model for FREE !! can't wait to print it out and build it
gecon gecon 10 8 9 Very good design
alexa chujaway 10 10 10 Good good
Peter Ander 8 8 8 I have yet to build it, but for a small model it is quite good. The only negative is care the designer used on glue tabs.
Chris Baker 10 10 10
Sean Rickard 10 10 10 I'm very pleased to get a good model of this uncommon tank.
Chad Lee 10 9 9 could use better instructions but once I figured it out it put together nicely
George Thompson 10 10 10 A must have for gamers who need an early war British tank, especially with the two options of color schemes.
Larry Caskey 10 10 10
amm rocha 10 10 10 Excellent! I used it in my classroom's
awrence bald 7 9 8
Marcin Kesek 8 8 8
Christoph Dotzert 7 6 8 Actually the easy reproduction is the major plus!
Rodney Yip 5 5 5
e c 10 10 10 Excellent model.
Larry Sisson 5 8 6 Well layed out, would be a challenge to build.
greg marine 10 4 6 a bit confusing but it looks good.
Eric Marchant 10 8 9 this is a really nice simple model. It looks good and you can make a few of them
Michael Martin 6 8 7 I was looking for tanks for a miniature wargame, but found yours to be too complicated. I want somehting simple so I can quickly assemble a number of them and begin playing. The vehicle I downloaded was nice looking, but not practical.

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