Lee at Gettysburg: The Battle for Cemetery Ridge - Gold

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File Size: 21 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 21

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Mark H Walker

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The Download (a complete game) Includes:

A beautifully rendered 8.5" x 11" map that covers the Gettysburg battlefield from north of McPherson's Ridge to just south of Cemetery Ridge.

96 eye-popping, jaw-dropping, 1/2" counters, representing the men, leaders, canons, and administrative markers that fought July 1st, 1863 at Gettysburg, PA. Okay, we admit there weren't any administrative markers that fought at Gettysburg, but the game needs them.

Completely revised layout and rules, including a spiffy new cover (suitable for framing... or whatever) by David Julien.

The game has been significantly tweaked since its debut in Armchair General. Gold Edition contains rules for facing, retreats that can pull an entire line rearward, more effective leadership, and two new scenarios: Ewells Charge and A Concerted Effort. That makes four scenarios in all.

July 1st, 1863.

General Robert E. Lee's army is spread over central Pennsylvania and General Heth, in search of shoes for his men, fights Buford's dismounted cavalry for control of Gettysburg. Lee's over-aggressive subordinates enter the fray, and soon Lee is embroiled in the battle that will decide the Civil War. Many historians feel that if Lee had any chance of winning Gettysburg, it was on the first day. Now you can refight that day, and refight it at a fraction of the cost of most other Civil War games. Better still, you can fight it right now.

October 3rd, 2007.

Lee at Gettysburg: The Battle for Cemetery Ridge -Gold Edition is a substantial reworking of the game that originally appeared in the Armchair General. Counters represent the brigades, leaders, and batteries that fought on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Leaders are critical not only rallying their troops, but enhancing their attacks as well.

Also new in the Gold Edition of the game is facing. All brigades in a hex must face the same hex side and may only fire and melee through their front three hexes. Additionally, any fire that enters a hex from the brigades' rear hex sides receives a bonus. Melee can force units to retreat and when they do so, adjacent units must also check morale, if they fail, they retreat. Hence, an entire line can be broken when one brigade begins to run.

Finally, Gold Edition adds two new scenarios to the game: Ewell's Charge and An Concerted Effort. Both are "what if" scenarios. Ewell's charge supposes that Ewell had indeed attacked Cemetery Hill with his entire corps at the end of the first day. On the other hand, A Concerted Effort simulates a first day in which the Confederates massed their forces sooner and attempted to overwhelm the Union troops. Designed by Mark H. Walker, the game is quick to learn and easy to play. The battle usually lasts no more than an hour.

This complete downloadable PDF game features the beautiful art of Nicolas Eskubi, and can be printed and played in less time than it takes to watch an inning of baseball. Fun, simple design, drop-jaw graphics, and no shipping! It's a wargamer's dream.

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