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Designer(s): Mark H Walker

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* Sixty-three, full-color pages of gaming goodness.
* New maps and scenarios for World at War, Island War Deluxe, Band of Heroes, Day of Heroes, and Heroes of the Blitzkrieg.
* Extensive five-page preview of Heroes of the Blitzkrieg, including screen shots of all six maps.
* Previews for Ring of Hills, Flintlock, No Middle Ground, and Heroes of Stalingrad.
* Tactical primers on armored combat in Band of Heroes, asymetrical combat in Day of Heroes, the British Paras in Swift and Bold, and units, fire, and maneuver in Forgotten Heroes.
* Downloadable PDF that lets you get your magazine right NOW. You save on shipping, you save on publishing costs normally passed on to the consumer, and you save on time.
* An in-depth, story-driven battle report from a playing of Not One Step Back's Prochorovka.
* A coupon worth 10% off any Lock 'n Load Publishing purchase made before January 1st, 2008.

High Quality, High Content...
Written by Robert Herzner, Dale Holstrom, Peter Bogdasarian, Jeff Newell, Olivier Revenu, Yvan Descotes, and Mark Walker, with additional tactical input from Sergeant Todd Beckham, Line of Fire is stuffed full of the previews, analyis, and scenarios that gamers love. We know. We read it, we play it ourselves.

Inside you'll find articles about our upcoming games, including a detailed diatribe on Heroes of the Blitzkrieg. There's also the most in-depth examination of our joint venture with Matrix Games, the PC game, Heroes of Stalingrad (including some new screens) yet. That isn't all. We take you to the the Malvinas (Ring of Hills), the Carolinas (Flintlock), and the Golan Heights (No middle Ground).

Move This, Shoot That.
But Line of Fire isn't just about previews. This issue also includes articles on tactics for the upcoming Day of Heroes, the armies in the soon to be re-released Forgotten Heroes, the Paras in Swift and Bold, and tanks in Band of Heroes. This is the magazine that teaches you when to move, and what to shoot.

Play This
But hey, we're all gamers. Reading is great, but we all all itching to play. As Tom Brady once said, "Well done is better than well said." We hope to scratch your playing itch in Line of Fire issue one. We have included five (we counted) new scenarios. There's three for Lock 'n Load, one for Island War Deluxe (including a cool, new variant that changes the game from impusle to turn-based play), and one for our popular World at War.

And each scenario comes with a brand-new, professional quality map. There's a new jungle for Island War Deluxe with big, LnL-type hexes. The desert makes its first appearance in "Snatch and Grab," a Day of Heroes skirmish. On the bigger side of things is "Dark Days," a Band of Heroes scenario that feels more like a campaign, as the tanks and men from Panzer Lehr are carried from map to map as they try to punch through to Bastone. And finally, elements of the Soviet 33rd Motor Rifle defend a river crossing against Team Bravo.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot. Baroud D'honneur, gives players an up close and personal taste of Lock 'n Load: Heroes of the Blitzkrieg. The scenario depicts a desparate fight for a canal bridge and comes complete with its own maps and counters. This is some of the best art we have seen in the Lock 'n Load franchise, and a module we just can't wait to get our hands on.

Fortunately, you don't need to wait to get your hands on this HoB scenario or this issue of Line of Fire. Just click here to purchase Line of Fire, and download the magazine, it's maps, scenarios, previews, and articles tacticae, immediately... and that 10% off coupon!

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Stefano De Gaetano 10 10 10 Excellent magazine, detailed articles, very beautiful graphics, scenarios, tips, everything very good!
Gordon Mosher 10 10 10 AWESOME MAGAZINE Can not wait to buy more

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