Line of Fire #2

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Designer(s): Mark H Walker

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* Fifty-six, full-color pages of gaming goodness. Including blazing new counters for World at War.
* New scenarios for Forgotten Heroes, Band of Heroes, and World at War. Including Israeli Defense Force, Syrian, Soviet, and American counters for World at War, Leader counters for Lock 'n Load, and maps for World at War and Lock 'n Load.
* Interviews with Tide of Iron co-designer Corey Konieczka and World at War: Blood and Bridges designer Jim Snyder. And some new World at War counters.
* Previews of Nations at War: White Star Rising; All Things Zombie; the re-releases of Forgotten Heroes and Britain Stands Alone; of the two latest expansion modules for Lock ‘n Load: Noville and Dark July; and of a World at War expansion dealing with the Soviet invasion of Sweden: Operation Garbo.
* Battle Reports from scenarios in Death of the First Panzer and Island War Deluxe. Have we said anything about the World at War counters?
*Downloadable PDF that lets you get your magazine right NOW. You save on shipping, you save on publishing costs normally passed on to the consumer, and you save on time.
* A World at War miniatures variant.
* Articles on infantry tactics in Lock ‘n Load, on the history of the Bundeswehr and its implementation in Death of the First Panzer, on survival strategies for the Pakistanis in the A Day of Heroes scenario “Ambush,” and an analysis of the Somali forces in A Day of Heroes... and some nifty World at War

High Quality, High Content...
Written by gamers for gamers, Line of Fire #2 has the reader’s satisfaction in its crosshairs. Contributors to this issue include Robert Herzner on infantry tactics in LnL; Arrigo Valicogna on the Bundeswehr in Death of the First Panzer; new LoF editor Jeff Lewis on the Pakistanis and the Somalis in A Day of Heroes; Nils Idelman, designer of WaW: Operation Garbo, on using miniatures in WaW; Pete Atack with a Batrep on “Wittman’s Ghost,” a scenario in DotFP; preview articles by Ed Texeira (All Things Zombie) and Jim Werbaneth (on the re-release of Britain Stands Alone); artwork by Tom Herrschaft, Olivier Revenu, and Guillaume Ries; and, of course, Mark Walker on rules variations in Island War Deluxe, plus an IWD Batrep and a preview of the re-release of Forgotten Heroes.

Splendid new scenarios include “Snakes in the Garden” by Yvan Descotes, for Forgotten Heroes, in which squads of Green Berets must rescue a downed USN aviator before he’s captured by a swarm of NVA infantry thatwitnessed the crash. In “Death from the Sky,” a WaW scenario by Ralph Ferrari, Soviet paratroopers from the 2nd Airborne Division must successfully drop in on and secure a West German town despite an advancing American formation. A Band of Heroes scenario by Tom Herrschaft depicting the assault on Brecourt utilizes a new map and counters. And Mark Walker adds two scenarios. The first, a unique WaW scenario features combat between the Israeli Defense Force and the Syrians in WWIII, which will also utilize a new map and counters for two battalions of Syrian T-72s with an attached ZSU-23/4 (Shilka) fighting an Israeli armored company comprised of Merkavas with an M-106 section and an F4 Phantom flight in support. The second, another WaW scenario set on the Death of the First Panzer map, depicts M-60 A3s from the American 8th Army against a formation of Soviet T-80s.
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