Sauve Qui Peut

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Roger Campbell

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From 1790 to 1815 Europe was at war with itself and dragged most of the rest of the world with it. The Napoleonic Wars are Earth’s first true World War. England and France had colonies all around the planet. Many of the other nations entered the fray. Most note
worthy was the War of 1812, the USA v Great Britain.

SQP is a chance for players to take one of the armies of the combatants into one of the large battles that denoted combat for that period. Experienced players can easily maneuver 40 or more battalions. The rules are historical and designed for a medium degree of difficulty. Veteran gamers will feel comfortable after a walk through. Players new to gaming will be able to compete after their first game.

SQP is designed for two to six players to enjoy a three hour game.

SQP is designed to allow players with armies already mounted for other systems
to use them without remounting.

Armies list for the 17 major European nation, the Ottomans and Americans are included.


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