Deathsville Assassin

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Game System:

Players: 3

Designer(s): Matt Meadows

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“The President is about to start a tour of Deathsville, despite warnings from a known terrorist group that an attempt will be made on his life. Deathsville’s finest law enforcement officers have vowed to protect the President throughout the tour and to hunt out any possible threats.

As a member of the Deathsville Police Department you must use search warrants to look for assassins, before the President encounters them. However with all the usual red tape getting in the way, even acquiring the necessary search warrants may take some time.

To make matters worse, it appears that a member of the Police Department is working with the terrorist and will not rest until the President is dead... let the tour commence!”

Deathsville Assassin is an exciting board game for 3 to 6 players.

Players move around the game board searching for Assassins, but one player will secretly be working with the terrorists and must plot to ensure that the President does not survive his tour of Deathsville.

All game cards and counters are provided. Players will need to provide a 6 sided die.


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gordon hanson 10 9 10
gordon hanson 5 5 5 It looks like fun with the right friends

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