Blue Water Navies - Sink The Bismarck

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Game System: Blue Water Navies

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Larry Brasington

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Bismarck was a formidable ship, 41,700 tons, eight 15 inch naval guns in four
centerline turrets and twelve 5.9 inch secondaries. The side belt was 12.6 inches thick and the turrets had 14 inch armor. The ship carried 84 antiaircraft guns which was very formidable for the early war. The ships cruising range was 8000 miles. In short when the German Navy sent the Bismarck and the Cruiser Prinz Eugen out through the Denmark Straits into the Atlantic the British Navy had no single ship to match it. The Bismarck could attack convoys and destroy the merchant ships and their escorts at will. The British Home Fleet had to send eight battleships out to catch the Bismarck.

The Royal Navy, led by Admiral Sir Tovey is used to long odds and stands ready to meet the challenge, the Ultra code breakers intercept the German War Plans and Prime Minister Churchill tells his admiral “put every ship at sea, but Sink the Bismark!” The Home Fleet departs and steams out to meet the German Fleet. The climatic battle for the North Atlantic has begun.

The balance of the war hangs in the outcome. It is up to you admiral what are your orders?

Sink The Bismarck, A Historical Scenario for Blue Water Navies.

A History of the Battle
The BLUE WATER NAVIES rules for quick play
Ship Cards
Event Cards


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