Sinyavino 1942! The Leningrad Relief Offensive

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Leningrad was cutoff. Its people starving. It was a symbol for both the Russian and German. The Soviets had managed to hold on to it for over a year and it was the one trophy that had eluded Hitler, who was also determined to seize it. However, as the Germans planned, so did the Russian. Their plans were to strike the weakly held bottleneck area defended by two 2-3 German divisions and smash it with over 100 tanks and 14 divisions attacking from the East and from the West! By late August, the Red forces attacked quickly ruining the German plans to attack Leningrad. The breakthrough looked ominous and promising, as German soldiers barely held on. So serious, that Hitler sent General Mainstein and forces slated for Leningrad (including the new Tiger tank)into the bottleneck area to stiffen resistance. This critical battle lasted a month.

Game covers amphibious attacks across the Neva River, unique air game system, morale based on geographic objectives, artillery, armor and infantry strengths. Each turn is 3 days, 11 turns in all, half mile hexes, battalions and regiments.

A game that is balanced and tense and fun to play for either side!

11" x 17" map
280 counters
11 page rules
2 page Player aid


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Paul Kantro 9 9 9 Sinyavino includes a wide variety of combat elements as part of the game, making it complex but not complicated.

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