Zolfaqar's Blow: Armageddon in the Straits of Hormuz 2010

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Ever since the mock Iranian attack with four Fast Attack Craft upon USN ships sailing though the Straits of Hormuz in January 2008, the USN had been on alert. While American intelligence, in theory, could predict the technological level of the Iranian weaponry, and their own wargames showed USN vulnerabilities, there was always the chance element. The USN had always been on a heightened alert when traversing the Straits, especially when they knew the Iranians had at least 70 anti-ship missiles within range. Not to mention their capability of launching ASMs from aircraft platforms. Not to mention, their Chinese FACs with ASMs. The threat had always been real. The USN continued to have confidence, perhaps wrongly, that their superiority in higher technology could and would keep their ships out of harm’s way. Iran had decided to attack using “swarm” tactics. The USN had itself used such tactics in their own wargames with devastating results. It was found out that using swarm tactics greatly increased the likelihood of Iranian success, even when only Fast Attack Craft were used. That was then. Now, apply the same tactics with ASMs and the scenario was even more horrific. The USN would not make a preemptive strike, that would be political suicide on the world stage. Iraq was still combative as ever. All the USN could do was remain vigilant at all times while moving through the Straits and into the Persian Gulf. If Iran attacked, they would have to make it count as America’s response would literally demolish the Iranian forces in and around the Straits.

Each hexagon represents about 5 miles across on the Operational Map,and 2-400 yards a hex on the Tactical Map. Aircraft units represent squadrons. Iranian naval units represent 1-2 ships. USN or oil tankers ship represent one ship. Each turn represents about 5 minutes.

11x17" Tactical map
11x17" Operations map
264 counters
15 page rulebook
Charts and tables


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Gunther Bellows 8 8 8 Interesting use of tactical and operational maps to show different levels of combat. Numerous air and sea weapons systems with abstract ground combat

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