Fistful of Lead

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File Type: pdf

File Size: 18 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 31

Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Jaye Wiley

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As the title says, Fistful of Lead was designed as a quick set of rules for gunfights in the Wild West. I like rules that can be learned within a couple of turns and still keep the flavor of the period. For Fistful of Lead, I wanted the play to be fast and furious, with a Hollywood flair to it. There is no scale, and I hate record keeping. All the player needs to know can be shown with markers provided (or you can make your own). You don’t need a record sheet, or need to keep track of ammo. It is assumed the gunfighters are reloading between shots (except for some special conditions) and he/she is actually firing a volley of lead when they shoot.

In most games, each player can control up to 6 gunfighters without much trouble. And games can have up to 8 players without slowing down the game.
The game is meant to be scenario based, (several are provided at the end of the rules), and coming up with your own is one of the best parts.

“Well, you just gonna sit there whistling Dixie, or are ya gonna draw
them hoglegs?...”


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Phil Garton 10 8 9 We'll only know about playability when we get down to some games. First impressions are good.
Chris Stoesen 10 8 9 I am very happy with this purchase. The rules are laid out perfectly. They were easy to follow and the mechanisms were very straight forward. I had been on the fence for about a month about these rules before deciding to purchase them. Glad I did
Tom Glauser 10 9 10 Loved these rules the instant I got them. Very easy to teach, had a group from 8 to 48 yrs old playing in minutes. Highly recommend them.
steven nicholls 10 10 10 This set of rules cost me £4 in real money. First impression was, any rule set that makes you laugh out loud just reading 'em, will most definitely lead to a lot of fun when playing 'em. This was born out in our first game yesterday, fast, furious an
tim cale 10 10 10 Good little set of rules, recommended
Jose Fernandez 5 9 5 Despite I didnt try the game already, they quite fresh, easy and original rules to play.
Jan Albrecht 10 9 10
Larry Armin 10 9 10 Best $6.00 I've spent on gaming in a long, long time. Fast play and easy to teach or learn. I ran an 8-player, 33 character game to a solid conclusion in less than 5 hours, including teaching time.
Larry Armin 10 9 10 Best $6.00 I
Gerard Boom 9 9 9 Bought the rules and Played the game 10 times with around 20 difrent people. Most fun games where the person shoot outs. Setup my Western Town At the game club and we played FFoL all night with groups of 6 at the time. Loads of fun!
Travis Jansen 10 10 10 What a blast! You won't get a better value for $6. Well thought out, fun, great balance of simplicity with tactic options.
Michel Van Der Straeten 9 9 9 good value for the price one has to pay.
Cheung Kar Fai 10 10 10 Excellent game with a handful figures and small playing area; highly recommended.
Jeff Haala 9 9 10 Fun Easy Rules, a great way to kill an afternoon!
dawn paine 10 10 10 I played these rules at Adler Hobby in Hollis NH. Gordon ran a Wild West game with Fistfull of Lead rule and it was a lot of fun played fast easy to understand. I plan to use these rule at Council of Five Nations Convention in Schenectady NY.
dawn paine 10 10 10 I played these rules at Adler Hobby in Hollis NH. Gordon ran a Wild West game with Fistfull of Lead rule and it was a lot of fun played fast easy to understand. I plan to use these rule at Council of Five Nations Convention in Schenectady NY Columbus
Fausto Paganetti 10 10 10 everything works perfectly!
Bill Holley 10 10 10 Great set of rules, great price. I paid $12 for a paper copy a few years ago; the PDF version has been improved.
Gordon Pittsley 10 10 10 This was a easy transaction for a very nice set of rules Im using them for a party to play a nega game in june play testing for our grouo with these rules was a BLAST cant say enough good things about this rule set, -Adler Hobby Hollis NH
Mathias Danielsson 9 9 9
Ted Conn 10 8 9 A truly simple, yet fun rule set that offers the flavor of a western gunfight without getting too nitty.
David Bezio 6 10 10 Delightfully concise and simple, this game manages to cover all the rules you will need to play an entertaining and satisfactory tactical wild west wargame. FoL is quick to learn, entertaining to read, and a breeze to house-rule and expand.
Michael Reese 10 9 9 This is a great set of rules at a fantastic price. The rules are quick, and easy to learn. If you're looking for character depth and campaigning, this probably isn't the set for you. If want quick and dirty gunfights, these rules are great.
Bob Hambleton 10 10 10 Very quick to learn and fun to play. The double action per model allows for surprising tactical depth. Played my first game with 3 friends, none of us had heard of Fistful of Lead before and within 20 minutes we were all pretty much fluent.
Jeff Hudelson 10 8 9 This looks like LOTS of FUN. Easily playable by youngsters too.
John Cunningham 10 10 10 Great transaction for a really good set of Old West rules!!

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