Battles of the Middle Ages: Blonde he was and beautiful - Benevento, 1266 AD and Tagliacozzo, 1268 AD

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Game System: Battles of the Middle Ages

Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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Battles of the Middle Ages is an easy to learn wargaming system that tries to recreate, in a gaming situation, several of the most famous (or not so famous) battles of the medieval World, from the end of the Dark Ages to the dawning of Renaissance. These games are designed to be fast and furious, easy to learn and to play but with enough chrome and historical research to make them fun to play and more.

The name is taken by a famous verse of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, from the Purgatory, regarding Manfredi d'Altavilla, the nephew of Frederic II Hohenstaufen, the commander of the Ghibellin forces at Benevento (where he died heroically).

The destruction of Manfred's army at Benevento marked the collapse of Hohenstaufen rule in Italy. The remainder of the Kingdom of Sicily was conquered almost without resistance. Settled in his new kingdom, Charles could await the coming of Conradin, the last hope of the Hohenstaufen, in 1268, and meet him at the Battle of Tagliacozzo.

Two 11 x 17" full color maps (each comes as 2 - 8.5 x 11" parts)
216 counters
Rules in English


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Allan Rothberg 9 9 9
Roger Deal 9 6 8 Neat system for quick & fun games. Hex sides are hard to see even in good light
Kim Meints 10 10 10 Another excellant addtion to the series. both in value and entertainment

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