New World Disorder: CyberZone PDF

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Pages in main/rules file: 13

Game System: New World Disorder

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Brett Bernstein

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CYBERZONE is a cybernetic rules add-on for NEW WORLD DISORDER, the easy-to-learn, miniatures-based tabletop game that takes place in a very near and very dystopian future.

Enter the CyberZone, a prison for the hordes of illegally-mechanized citizens that once plagued the outside world. These freaks are even more deadly than the crews that battle it out for control in Angel City. The residents of the CyberZone take advantage of the power that their cybernetics provide—from stronger limbs and better vision to mounted weapons and subdermal armor. Embrace the metal!

This PDF file contains
  • Rules Addendum

  • 26 Disposable Heroes® Full-Color Paper Miniatures

Requires New World Disorder


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