And they cried 'Sancta Maria!': White Mountain, 8th November 1620

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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White Mountain was the first decisive battle of the so called Thirty years war, ending the Bohemian Phase of the war and to the dream of Czech independence. Nothwistanding a superior position, the Bohemian army was less trained and not so well lead by his commander,Christian of Anhalt, and the League army, with Tilly as one of the leader, won the day in less than 3 hours of serious struggle.

Each combat unit represents from 300 to 2000 soldiers. A hex is about 100 meters. A turn is half on hour.

11 x 17" full color map (2 - 8.5 x 11" parts)
165 counters
6 Page Rules in English


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
George Thompson 9 9 9 An excellent simulation of the period. Its strengths are the sequence of play, combat system, morale and options. The map graphics is its only weakness.
Richard Barber 10 9 10 The latest in Robert's ECW/30YW series - based on the original SPI quad, but with several very interesting to the Command and combat rules that make these games fast playing and elegent! The graphics on this one are a step up from the previous games.
Kim Meints 10 10 10 Following in the footsteps of his wonderful English Civil War series Roberto and TCS now takes us to The Thiry Years War and a whole new series for these battles. You can't get better then these games for fast & fun game playing!

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