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A set of three PDF sheets provides you with full color top down views of Cavalry, Roman Legions, Samite dressed allied Legions, Numidian Light Cavalry and Light Infantry, and Velites.

Elements are sized for IMPETUS© and BASIC IMPETUS©, but if printed at 50% scale, can be used for “DBx©” type games as well. The sheets are designed to print on 8-1/2”x11” sheets of paper, and reflect 80mm frontages (and varied depths).

Ideal for testing rules while painting up your miniature armies, or for those with limited room, or a need to travel. Mounted to magnetic sheets the game pieces can be mounted on a metal wall hanging for dorm rooms, small apartments, or other restricted areas.

These are the Romans who fought the Cis-alpine Gallic tribes, the Sicilian and S. Italian Greek colonies, the Central Italian nations, Macedonia and its Successor states, Greeks, Carthage, Spanish tribal groups, and Numidia. It also allied with all the above at one time or another.


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