Hope County Stories: Alien Abduction the Board Game

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Matt Meadows

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Hope County Stories: Alien Abduction the Board Game

Hope County Stories is a series of board games, each with itís own unique and exciting theme, which all use the same game board and feature a cast of characters from the community.

Although using the same game board and characters, each different game (or story) will provide itís own set of rules, game cards, tokens and variations on game play.

As more Stories are introduced, you will follow the inhabitants of Hope County as they face all manner of threats to their very existence; whether it is a horde of Zombies, an evil blood sucking Vampire, an Alien Spaceship trying to abduct innocent townsfolk, or even rampaging Werewolves.

Those players who have played Night of the Bloodsuckers 2nd Edition, or Night of the Slasher, may already be familiar with the people and places of Hope County.

Alien Abduction (for 2 to 5 players)

In the first of this series of games, players will race around Hope County trying to save members of their family from being abducted by the mysterious Alien ship which has appeared over the town!

Components Supplied

The Alien Abduction Game Files (all in PDF Format) include the game board and all the game cards, tokens and playing pieces required to play.

Additional Components Required (not supplied)
1 x 12 sided die
1 x 6 sided die
5 x Plastic Markers (each playerís for Health track)
5 x Plastic Stands (for each playing piece)


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