Valor & Vengeance, Tsaritsyn: Along the Volga, June, 1919

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Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Tsaritsyn. The name invokes (to those who know) a well known city fought over throughout history. Also known as Stalingrad in WW2, Tsaritsyn in 1919 was yet one of the key battles of the Russian Civil War.

Valor & Vengeance simulates the dramatic pinnacle of General Wrangel’s offensive to seize the key city of Tsaritysn. Armed British manned tanks and supported in the air with their 47th Squadron, the White forces struck along the Volga River.

Partly through deception and strategy that soaked off the Red’s most powerful force: Budyonny’s Cavalry Corps, which had opposed the White cavalry corps’ under the esteemed Mamontov up to the 29th. Pulling back to regroup, Budyonny’s men continued to be held in check. When Mamontov attacked simultaneously on the 29th (north of the game map), it effectively cancelled out any chance that Budyonny would be involved in the White attack from the south. At least for some time.

Three lines of defenses, some with wire and trenches, manned by two Red divisions and supported with several batteries of artillery from the Red 10th Army. A young Joseph Stalin, then a Commissar, was in charge of saving the city for Lenin and Trotsky.

On June 14, the White cavalry attacked and reached the suburbs of Tsaritsyn. Due to numerous Red armor trains laden with artillery which pummeled the Whites, further advances were impossible. The Reds regrouped during a lull and struck on the 17th, pushing the tired and weakened White troops back some 15 miles from the city. From this point on, both sides licked their wounds. The Reds dug in and created more, while the Whites awaited for the promised tanks and aircraft of the British. Although the British were ordered not to be part of the fight, Capt. Walsh and others simply ignored it and took command manning one of the MkV tanks with a full British crew. Other MkV or Whippet tanks were mostly manned by Russian crews ( a total of six arrived). The same applied in the air to the 47th Squadron with their DH 9A Bombers, a handful of pilots joined in.

The magic of the steel monsters proved to be a real asset to the Whites, who were in reality, outnumbered in all areas. The Red soldier still continued to fear the monster causing a ripple like effect during their panic when a tank approached. Despite the advantage, it was not enough to guarantee success and the battle became a tough battle when the tanks ran out of fuel or broke down. This event would usually mean a loss of White momentum.

The map scale is about 800 yards per hex. Each combat unit is one battalion for non-AFV units. For Tanks ,Armor cars Aircraft, each counter is one AFV\AC. For weapons, each counter is four weapons. A game turn represents TWO hours of time.

11 x 17" map
280 Counters and Markers
9 Page Rules
Player Aid


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