Bug Wars

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Designer(s): William P. Rosser

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Violence and cannibalism in a form you donít have to feel guilty about.

To the more aggressive go the spoils (and food). Finally, here is a game where you can destroy your enemy, and eat them for breakfast as well. Because after all nothing says victory like a nice raw piece of your opponents thorax.

On a planet not so far away (in universal terms) life evolved slightly
differently than on earth. On this planet, letís call it INSECTIA, insects
became the dominate life form, pushing out all other types of complex life.
As this insect based life flourished, it developed into hive complexes that
were more adaptive then the individual insects they competed against.

Each hive gradually developed different types of workers and soldiers that
supported their hives agenda. After millions of years, this constant winnowing of the losers bred hives that looked and operated in similar manners. Each type of hive member had its place in the success or failure of the hive. Those that win can eat - those that lose are the food. Certainly this provides a simple mechanism of determining a winner and loser in BUG WARS.

Everything is included in the game PDF, except 6-sided dice which must be
provided by the players.


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