Italy Awakes: The Birth of a Nation 1848-1859

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File Type: pdf

File Size: 13 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 11

Game System:

Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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This is a simple and very playable simulation of the Italian Wars for Independence, the First and the Second, with 2 scenarios (1848 and 1859), for
two players, but also playable solitaire without significant problems. It can be completed in under 3 hours of play, with enough beef to interest even
the grognard, but mostly for the newcomers to the hobby.

Each game turn is 10 days of real time and each unit represents around 3/4000 soldiers. In the tradition of our previous effort, Prussia Rising, Italy awakes is more a game than an historical
simulation, but we still think that playing it could be a fun way to learn a little more about such an important period for the history of Italy, Europe
and the world.

5 Pages of Rules
63 x 29cm Map (in 3 parts)
395 Counters


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Comments from customers
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Desaix Desaix 3 5 2 Very weak, rather generic conquest game, not realy much historical flavour.

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