Line of Fire #3

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Designer(s): Mark Walker

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* Almost 60 full-color pages!
* Three new World at War scenarios, including new Bundeswehr counters for a Death of the 1st Panzer scenario!
* Lock ‘n Load: Anzac Attack scenario designer James Luck is back, now in AO (Area of Operation) Surfers, north of Saigon, with two linked scenarios depicting combat between elements of the Royal Australian Regiment and elements of the NVA and VC!
* Revealing interviews with game designers Richard Borg (Memoir ’44) and Dan Verssen (Field Commander Rommel)!
* An analysis of the American forces in A Day of Heroes!
* Battle Reports of the scenario “Fallschirmjager Requiem” from Battle Pack Alpha and “Down by the River,” a World at War scenario from Line of Fire #1!
* An excerpt from Mark H. Walker’s soon-to-be-released World at War novel.
* Downloadable PDF that lets you get your magazine right NOW. You save on shipping, you save on publishing costs normally passed on to the consumer, and you save on time

High Quality, High Content...

This is the magzine written by folks who love to play the games that you love to play. In addition to the articles listed above, Line of Fire #3 includes Tactical Narratives of the scenario “Chalk 2’s Run” from A Day of Heroes and “Assault on Hill 252.2” from Dark July! Also gracing the pages are articles on

the soon-to-ship games Flintlock: Carolina Rebels, All Things Zombie, and Lock ‘n Load: Noville, Bastogne’s Outpost !

But wait a minute, that's not all. Theres the new and improved Lock ‘n Load: Ring of Hills demo, featuring brand new counters (the ones that will release with the expansion) and a spiffy new map. The Ring of Hills scenario, “The Last Gasp,” depicts the Argentine Marines’ final effort to keep the British Paras off Mt. Longdon, a key location in the ring of hills to the west of the town of Stanley, on East Falkland! (Band of Heroes is needed to play Ring of Hills, in this case for the rules, Skill Cards, and for Foxhole and Event Marker counters.)

Ed Texiera's piece on All Things Zombie is part short fiction, part combat primer, and all fun. Jim Werbaneth, who assisted in the development of Flintlock with an article about the game, and long-time Lock 'n Loader, Pete Atack, has written a fascinating battle report on one of the best scenarios in Battle Pack Alpha.

Whether you’re a fan of Lock ‘n Load, Flintlock, Zombies, game designers Borg and Verssen, or World at War—or of war games in general—Line of Fire #3 has something in it for you. Just click here to purchase it for immediate download!


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