Wittstock: Baner's wasted victory, 4th October 1636

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Pages in main/rules file: 10

Game System: 30 years war series

Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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Wittstock is the fifth entry in the 30 Years War series.

Even if only five years has passed by the triumph of Breitenfeld, the situation following the Peace of Prague had led to a totally different kind of war for the Swedish troops, now under the command of Baner. Totally devoid of the previous idealism, the Swedish army was still an excellent fighting machine and cavalry has increased drastically, becoming more than an half of the total force of an army. Baner was to fight his former German allies and an imperial force, and he maneuvered on a terrain full of marshes and woods, with a daring series of maneuvers, that in the end give him victory in the battle, but not a important effect over the whole campaign. It was one of the most fierce fight of the war, a long, exstenuating see-saw of attacks and counterattacks, charges and counter-charges, ended by the night.

Each combat unit represents from 300 to 1000 soldiers, and it is rated, from left to right, for combat morale and movement. Each infantry strength point is around 150 men, each cavalry strength point around 60 men. Each leader is rated for Command (indicating how many activation chits that leader has) and Movement.
Each hex is about 100 meters.
Each turn is half on hour.

6 Page Rules
216 Counters and Markers
11x17" Map (2x 8.5x11" parts)


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