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File Size: 5 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 34

Game System: Song of Blades

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Sergio Laliscia
Andrea Sfiligoi

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The American Civil War (1861-1865) was the largest conflict ever fought on American soil. Over the course of 1,489 days of War, 10,000 shooting engagements took place; which means an average of about 7 per day. By the end of the war in April of 1865 (the last engagement actually took place at Palmito Ranch, Texas on May 12, 1865) the Union army had some 1,034,000 soldiers in service. The war that both sides had expected to end “before the summer of 1861 was out” (Lincoln’s first call for volunteers had a 90-day term) dragged on for four long years and took a heavy toll on both the North and the South.

‘61-‘65 is a fast play, Company-level American Civil War game based on the popular Song of Blades mechanics. Playable with 40-100 miniatures per side in less than two hours, ‘61-‘65 puts you in command of a Union or Confederate Company, with a Captain and several Lieutenants, Sergeants and Corporals. Send your skirmishers ahead, keep a tight formation and – wait to see the white of your enemy’s eyes before firing your volley!

* Three scenarios included, one for each main period of the War (1861-62, 1863, 1864-65)
* Simple rules that require decision making and encourage keeping a chain of command
* Playable in any scale, with single based models
* Profiles for Officers, NCOs, skirmishers and enlisted men for each major period
* Easy measuring system, no bookkeeping, minimal amount of markers;
Rules for multiplayer battles and for playing the game as a Song of Drums and Shakos variant with as few as 6 to 15 figures (SDS required)
* Optional rules for Cavalry and Artillery
* Quick rules for setting up a table in pickup games
* Sgt. O’Reilly hints on play, formations, combat, and much more….


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Brian Lewandowski 10 8 9 Simple, innovative and inexpensive!

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