Big Bang Ricochet 008: France’s AML-90 Armored Car
AML-90 is a well distributed military vehicle, with over 6,000 units serving around the globe
Big Bang Ricochet 009: The Hellfire Fast Attack Vehicle
This Army-issued buggy spent nearly a decade on the front lines
Big Bang Ricochet 010: Chile’s Multi 163 APC
Multi 163 was one of hundreds of failed designs created by the global arms industry
Big Bang Ricochet 011: The Renault VBL
Renault is bulletproof against 7.62mm ammunition and it floats
Big Bang Ricochet 012: France’s Panhard VBL
The VBL is a rugged offroad vehicle, considered by most to be as capable offroad as a Hummer
Big Bang Ricochet 013: Argentina’s VELA & VELA II
The VELA is armed to the gills and carrying a crew of three
Big Bang Ricochet 014: Britain’s AT105 Saxon APC
One of the most mine-resistant military vehicles ever fielded
Big Bang Ricochet 015: Cadillac Gage Stingray Light Tank
This low profile tank could be hauled and air dropped by a C-130 Hercules transport
Rommel at Gazala
Quick-playing game with a simple, accessible system
Big Bang Ricochet 016: The Cardoen Alacrán
Cardoen Alacrán was the swansong of the halftrack
Big Bang Ricochet 017: Belgium's BDX APC
One of the most unusual military vehicles of the last 35 years
Big Bang Ricochet 018: The Vickers Valkyr
The Valkyr is the victim of a cruel fate
Big Bang Ricochet 019: Russia's FROG-7
Able to lob over 1000 lbs of explosives to a distance of 42 miles
Big Bang Ricochet 020: The Penetrator Gunship
Penetrator was meant to provide first-world gunship quality
Big Bang Ricochet 021: The YH-32A Sally Rand Gunship
Ever wonder what the world's first helicopter gunship was?
Big Bang Ricochet 023: France’s Troupes Aeról Portées
moped armed with a 75mm cannon
Big Bang Ricochet 024: AT-104 Internal Security Vehicle
First vehicle specifically designed as a response to the urban insurgency in Northern Ireland
Big Bang Ricochet 025: Russia's UAZ-3150
One of several vehicles the Russians now use as Fast Attack Vehicles
Big Bang Ricochet 026: Russia's BTR-60 APC
Russia's first truly modern armored personnel carrier
Big Bang Ricochet 027: Russia's BMPT TACV
BMPT is the first of an entirely new class of vehicles known as the Tank Assistance Combat Vehicle


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