Big Bang Ricochet 028: Russia's Ural IMZ-8.103 Gear Up
A direct descendent of those German sidecar bikes of WW2
Big Bang Ricochet 029: Russia's Sprut-SD
This vehicle is a light tank, armed with the same 125mm gun found on Russia's MBTs
Big Bang Ricochet 030: France's VLRD Jeep
VLRD was a cutting edge work of technology for its time
Big Bang Ricochet 100: Japan's Type 94 Tankette
Lightly armored machine gun carrier which was one of Japan's earliest armored vehicles
Big Bang Ricochet 101: Argentina’s DL 43 Nahuel Tank
Argentina built the first armored military vehicle to be designed indigenously in South America
Big Bang Special Edition: War in Iraq
Weapon listings for over 125 small arms
Big Bang Volume 01
Details and statistics for over 100 firearms
Big Bang Volume 02
Provides historical and technical information about nearly 100 weapons
Big Bang Volume 03: Future Combat Systems
Over 30 Future Combat Systems
Big Bang Volume 04: Rifles of the European Armies
Detailing a number of weapons used around the world between 1870 and 1890
Big Bang Volume 05: Grenades of the Cold War
Wide range of all types of hand grenades, rifle grenades, spin-stabilized grenades
Big Bang Volume 06: German Small Arms of WW2
Stats are provided for 60 individual weapons
Big Bang Volume 07: Concealed Weapons
Stats for 54 different weapons and variants
Big Bang Volume 08: Soviet ATGMS
Spectrum of guided anti-tank weapons that have been used by the Russian military
Big Bang Volume 09: Weapons in Albenistan
Historical and technical information on many Eastern Bloc weapons
Big Bang Volume 10: Small Arms from Ricochet
Over 50 variants of 16 different infantry support weapon systems
Big Bang Ricochet 031: France's ARL-44 Tank
ARL-44 is easily one of the most massive military ground vehicles ever built
Big Bang Ricochet 032: Russia's BTR-70 APC
War machine forged in the crucible of warfare in Afghanistan
Big Bang Ricochet 033: USMC Shadow RST-V
First wheeled hybrid electric drive military vehicle the U.S. has fielded in a combat zone
Big Bang Ricochet 034: Brazil's Engesa EE-VAR
A 4x2 light military vehicle of the dune buggy persuasion


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