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ACW Solitaire
1 hour strategic solo wargame of the entire American Civil War 1861-65
Review - nice effort,but i prefer playing solo with 2 player option which brings up some rules questions. with this method i find it very difficult for the north to win. overall a fun and interesting look at the civil war.
Barbarossa Solitaire
Solitaire game of the struggle between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front
Review - Really fun cofee-break game. played a handfull of games already.
Re-Route: The Marching Season Game
Amusing 3 player game covering the annual Orange Marches and Riots in contemporary Northern Ireland
Review - Fun little game...quite different from most wargames
Solitaire Caesar
Can you lead the Roman Legions to victory and defend the empire from Barbarian attacks?
Review - I enjoyed a quick evening of staving off the barbarians at the borders of the empire. But I am no Caesar, because the empire fell after about six centuries. Still I enjoyed it while it lasted.
Vietnam Solitaire
Solitaire fast-play game of the struggle for South Vietnam 1963-1975
Review - Components not bad if you use the counters from Easy game, but you're going swear at the dice. Trust me.

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