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Grunt 3rd Edition: Kingdoms
Develop Grunt armies in all new and unique ways

Grunt 3rd Edition: Monster Summoning Sourcebook
Everything needed to bring Monster Summoning into your Grunt Fantasy Miniatures game

Grunt 3rd Edition: Skills & Abilities
Allows players to develope their Grunt armies

Grunt 3rd Edition: Wizardry Sourcebook
Provides everything needed to add wizardry to your Grunt Fantasy Miniatures game

Hearts & Minds: ISAF in Afghanistan
Modern Afghanistan supplement for Flying Lead

Heroes of the Tales
A supplement for Tales of Blades and Heroes

Hour of Glory
The game of covert conflict in WWII

Bought the PDF version, looks great, will pimp it out with some minis. Neat
Hunters in the Sky
Aerial Combat in the Second World War

Great! Simple and fun!


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