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Battle Armor, Hive invasion, Mini-Game #49
Add the alien Hive collative and new weapons to your Battle Armor game

Battle Armor, Mini-game #2
The Powered Battle Suit will rule the future of warfare

Battle Bunker SF-01 Paper Model
Paper Model

Big Damn Robots
Fast and furious game of giant robot combat

Read through rules. Looks great, especially the malfunction rules!
Black Water Navies
Sci-Fi ship combat and campaign system

The rules seem tight and offer some detailed game play. More suited to single ship or small group combat, although larger fleets are easily handled if you have the time. Good back story, with a huge range of pre-configured ships available.
$5.95 Sale
Black Water Navies: Campaign #1, Where Are We
Campaign featuring boarding actions for Black Water Navies

$4.95 Sale
Black Water Navies: Campaign #2, The Worm Hole
Campaign for Black Water Navies

$4.95 Sale
Black Water Navies: The Other Side
An advanced sequel for Black Water Navies

$4.95 Sale
Blasters & Bulkheads
Space Opera skirmish battles in a far-flung future

I am a rules junkie, but no buyers remorse or letdown here. Love the rules!!! Actually excited to paint prepare and play again


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