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Dragon Lords
Exciting and very different type of board game

Dragon Ranchers, Mini-Game #62
Build a dragon and match it against your foeís best beast

Dragon Wars, Mini-game #3
Take on the role of a dragon, then launch into the skies and battle for supremacy

Elves Under Hoof
It is up to your team of heroic reindeer to gather weapons and battle the crazed elves to save the day!

A good introductory wargame for children, my son, 7 years old enjoy It very much!
Fallen Kingdoms
Each player is a Norse god that will control various Viking kingdoms

Hero Builder, Mini-Game #59
Create new, dynamic heroes and villains for your Heroes Inc game

Heroes for Hire, Mini-Game #39
Hire adventurers and send them off to solve one of the many problems that plagues your city

Heroes Inc, Master Mindís Revenge, Mini-Game #61
See if your heroes can defeat Master Mind before he destroys the city

Heroes Inc, Overmindís Invasion, Mini-Game #63
See if your heroes can defeat Overmind before he takes over the world

Heroes Inc. Set 1, Mini-Game # 53
See if you can match the villainous cunning of an arch-fiend



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