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Conjurer, Mini-Game #16
Play a skilled wizard as they battle other spell casters in a duel of summoning

Strategy card game of magic, power, luck and politics

Dark Dungeon #3, Crypt of the Damed, Mini-Game #22
Expansion the solo Dark Dungeon adventure game

Dark Dungeon #4, Tower of Magic, Mini-Game #30
Adventure for the Dark Dungeon solo game system

Dark Dungeon #5, Character Builder, Mini-Game #33
Build your own characters for Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon 2, Mini-Game #20, Lair of the Spider Cult
Expansion for Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon, Lair Builder, Mini-Game #36
Random dungeon generating system for Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon, Mini-Game #18
Solo game using a fast, fun system of encounters and adventurous situations

Dept. 13, Mini-Game #64
Super spies, Nazi undead, occult horror and high tech science

Dragon Lords
Exciting and very different type of board game



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