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Distant Vistas
Games Master resource for use in any sci-fi RPG

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Down with the Empire
Grand-scale science-fiction strategy game with very detailed combat system

Some very interesting game mechanics which I found very intriguing, buta bit too much detail and the rules will take some time to learn. Other than that I was very excited about the roll playing aspect of individual character combat as well as large
EABA Fires of Heaven v1.0
A massive 426 page gameworld for EABA RPG

EABA v2.01
Role-playing system, a universal system designed to work with any genre, level of realism or gamemaster style

Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers, Mini-Game #52
The invasion of aliens armed with flying saucers and death rays

Just a FUN little game.reminds me of the 50's movie of the same name
End of Days expansion 1
End of Days expansion

End of Days v1.0
Tongue-in-cheek tactical card game

Field of Valor: Orkagrad
Orcs from Space versus Germans from WWII

Firing Solution
A table top fleet level tactical space combat and campaign game

Further Vistas: Stars & Systems
Sci-fi RPG GM's resource

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