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Chaos in Carpathia
Fast-paced skirmish-level game of clashes between men and monsters in the Victorian era
Review - A really nice game, definatly worth a try if you have enjoyed mordheim or other skirmish games. If you like gothic horror or victorian science fiction then I would highly reccomend!
Chaos on Cronos
Miniatures game of Pulp Science Fiction
Review - Nice, inexpensive skirmish version of the Supersystem rules - but I miss a lot of the options in the other sets. Hopefully we'll see supplements.
Clash of Steel Universal Tabletop Miniature Ruleset v2
Any type of 25mm or 28mm miniatures can be used with these rules
Rules for combat using bladed weapons
Review - Very detailed, but if you're a hard-core wargamer you'll love it!
$4.95 Sale
Combat: 1948 Arab Israeli War
15mm rules for battles of the 1948 Arab-Israeli Wars
Combat: American Civil War
Simple, fast play ACW 15mm miniature wargame rules.
Combat: WWII
15mm World War II Miniature Wargame Rules
Critter Commandos
A fun and exciting game for kids and adults alike
Huge Robotic Critters battle it out for supremacy in a bizarre cartoon world!
Day of Battle II
Miniatures game that places you in the role of a great Warlord of the feudal era
Day of Battle III
Miniatures game that places you in the role of a great Warlord of the feudal era
Review - Very good game with wonderful examples and illustrations.
Day of The Scourge
Supplement for Chain Reaction
Defiance: Vital Ground
Game of near future and science fiction tactical combat
Review - From simple to complecated skirmish battles. Very good!
Dog Fight: Dueling in the Skies
Covers all aspects of air warfare from 1903 to now
$4.95 Sale
Dreadnought Rising: WW1 Naval Combat w/Computer Assistance
Naval rules for miniatures or board game hex based tactical naval combat covering from 1906-1929
$14.99 Sale
Drums & Shakos Large Battles
Rules for Divisional level battles of the Napoleonic Period
Review - Some brilliant ideas in this, lots of food for thought.
Empires D6 Edition
Miniatures rules
Fear & Faith - Horror Skirmish Rules
Fast-playing horror miniature rules
Fear & Faith - Horror Skirmish Rules (+ $1 donation)
Fast-playing horror miniature rules
Field of Valor: Orkagrad
Orcs from Space versus Germans from WWII
Firing Solution
A table top fleet level tactical space combat and campaign game


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