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Field Fortification - 1916 - US manual
Field Fortification - 1916 - US manual
Review - interesting little book on field fortifications, drawing on Russo-Japanese and the-current Allied experiences. Nice reference if you're interested in WW I
A7V: The German Tank Offensive at Villers-Bretonneux, April, 1918
First large scale use of German A7V tank
Aces at Dawn
Quasi-historical combat in the skies during WWI. With 36 planes at your disposal
Allenby's Blitzkrieg
Players will be challenged in Allenby’s Blitzkrieg to do as well
Review - Excellent little game on an interesting subject
Assault Across the Suez 1915
Battle of 2 Turkish divisions epic bid to capture and destroy a portion of the Suez Canal
Review - another great game from Perry Moore on a subject not covered in other games
Austro-Hungarian Forces OoB on the North-East Front, 1914
Austro-Hungarian Forces OoB on the North-East Front, 1914
Biplane Barmy
Fast and furious World War I fighter combat
Review - A great Party game! Very easy to pick up and play, and, all you need to supply are dice!
Both Austro-Hungarian Forces and German Forces in the East
Both 1914 Oob for Austro-Hungarian Forces on the North-East Front and German Forces in the East
Breakout to Paris: Operation Blucher, May 1918
A german offensive in 1918.
Down In Flames WWI
Fast-paced feel of air combat
Review - A fun little card based game. Very easy to pic up. The only thing I would recommend is to print the cards out at a printing facility! You'll save a ton of money on ink!
Down In Flames WWI - Bombers
21 new Allied and German fighters, scouts, and bombers
Review - Good addition to DIF, lots of new 2 seaters, plus the Sopwith Tripe. If you liked DIF get this one
Dreadnought Rising: WW1 Naval Combat w/Computer Assistance
Naval rules for miniatures or board game hex based tactical naval combat covering from 1906-1929
$14.99 Sale
German Forces OoB in the East, 1914
German Forces OoB in the East, 1914
Grand Fleets
Grand Fleets is a comprehensive miniatures game of dreadnought-era naval warfare
Hamel: 1918
The first offensive combat operation of US forces on the Western Front
Review - Please add more sims of World War I battles
Knights in the Sky
Aerial Combat in the First World War
Review - Nicely done rules set, would have been nice to have counters with it.
Naval Warfare WW1 (Data Card Edition)
Covers many of the major navies that fought during WW1
$11.24 Sale
Naval Warfare WW1-Tsushima Expansion
This expansion allows you to play virtually any Russo-Japanese War naval engagment
$4.49 Sale
Provisional Machinegun Firing Manual - 1917 - US
Provisional Machinegun Firing Manual - 1917
Reds are Better Dead: The First Bolshevik Offensive Jan 19, 1919
Covers the Bolshevik attack on the of the Americans during secret allied intervention in the Russian Civil War
Risk: Over the Trenches
If you have played Risk and like the basic game, but are looking for deeper strategic play, this is the game for you
Review - Fun yet map needs attention.
Steel And Resolve: WW1 Naval Combat
Next generation comprehensive naval wargames covering entire time periods of naval combat
$14.99 Sale
Tanks in the Middle East 1917: The 2nd Gaza Battle
WWI, The 2nd Gaza Battle
The War To End All Wars, 2.5 Edition
Territorial strategy board game covering World War I
White Turns Red: The Battle of Orel. Oct. 1919
A semi-tactical game about the battle for Orel

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