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Fantasy Characters
Fantasy Characters font

Generic Equipment
Generic Equipment silhouette font

Map Icons
Map Icon Font

MilTrain Generic Symbol
MilTrain Generic Symbol Font

Modern Aircraft
Modern Aircraft font

Far superior to the shareware versions, as they provide better quality silhouettes, as well as left-hand, right-hand, and top-down images.
Modern Guns
Modern Guns font

Napoleonic Symbols
Napoleonic Symbols Font

Excellent until I tried to use them on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Worked fine on 10.4 but don't show up properly on 10.5 :-( Strangely, the Free version from Tom's site is okay on 10.5. Any thoughts?
NATO Equipment
NATO Equipment Font

Royal Navy
Royal Navy font

thanks, im pleased with the results. im no pro only 13 but i think they were great.
Soviet Equipment
Soviet Equipment Font



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