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Angels Two-Zero
Simulate the air to air battles of World War II from the European Air War to the Pacific campaigns

Not much to look at, but a simple and fun easy to play game.
Biplane Barmy
Fast and furious World War I fighter combat

Blazing Jets
Quick play game of modern aerial combat

Very easy fun little game.
Gunslingers and Gamblers
Roleplaying in the Wild West of 1876.

Gunslingers and Gamblers GM Screen
GM screen with a variety of useful tables and lists

Gunslingers and Gamblers: Streamline Edition
Roleplaying in the Wild West of 1876.

Marines vs. Zombies
Exciting game for two or more players

Its very funny if you don't mind losing an arm or a leg. And the price is good too.
Privateers and Pirates
Roleplaying in the age of sail

Ship of the Line
Classic sea battles of the age of fighting sail

Spelling errors, you might want to explain the reasoning behind how easy it is to hit other ships (it isn't very intuitive until you actually play).

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