Black Water Navies

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): RC Campbell

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The Black Water universe is a series of three rules sets designed to be played alone or together as part of a campaign. Each covers a different aspect of warfare. Each includes a point system for those who desire equal battles. Each game is designed to allow players to use figures from other systems. While any size and time length is possible, a typical game will be about three hours long on a 4’x4’ table for two players or 4’x8’ for four players.

BLACK WATER NAVIES was designed by a naval officer to cover all aspects of sailing into combat: various types of ships, 3D combat, ECM/ECCM, cloak units, fighters, landing on planets, etc. 816 different ship classes are included, each can be modified to suit the player’s personal taste. The size of the battle can range from one ship each to what ever the players can control. This volume includes the campaign rules.


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Comments from customers
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Shaun Austin 8 7 7 The rules seem tight and offer some detailed game play. More suited to single ship or small group combat, although larger fleets are easily handled if you have the time. Good back story, with a huge range of pre-configured ships available.

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