Field of Valor: Orkagrad

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Game System: Field of Valor

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Larry Brasington

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Orcs from Space versus Germans from WWII

The Summer of 1943 was hot in Russia. The full fury of the Battle for Kursk
was raging. Dust clouds had formed from a week of raining steel which had smashed most of Army Group Centers Panzer Legions. Kampfgroup Heidi was all that was left a of two panzer battalions and there infantry support. What had once been part of the proud spearhead of Operation Citadel's Northern pincher was tattered and resting. The soldiers after 5 years of war were tired as only combat infantrymen can be tired. The Russian village of Orkagrad found was deserted. Major Blucher called a halt. His forces contained: a Panther D, 2 PZ IV's, a Puma, a Sturmpanzer IV, a half-track with a 20mm cannon, 60 panzer grenadiers, two mortar teams and three heavy machine guns.Before he allowed his men to collapse, he put them in an all around defense. The Germans settled in among the ruins of the village. Barricades were made of supply boxes, tires, and empty fuel barrels. Anything of use was gathered and placed in emplacements.
All was quiet except for the noise of the guns 10 kilometers east. It was always to the East in Russia, Major Blucher thought. About 1400 hours a bright flash roared along the western horizon then off to the east. This was quickly followed by a loud report that shook the earth. Then it was gone, everyone settled back down. About dusk came the sound of heavy treading, feet too heavy to be men walking. It was a steady like the movements of a machine. Thud, thud, the noise kept getting closer. Suddenly, towering above the trees great black machines on two legs rose up out of the forest. Their heads were turrets and as they appeared they began firing bolts of light at the startled Germans. That was enough, the veterans ran to there guns and returned fire. Thus began a battle between Orcs from space and the soldiers of the Third Reich.

* * This scenario contains a shorten version of FIELD of VALOR.


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