SWATTERS - Large Scale Bug Hunting Miniatures Rules

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Pages in main/rules file: 45

Game System: Song of Blades

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Andrea Sfiligoi

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SWATTERS is an exciting, fast-playing miniatures system for simulating battles between forces of humans and aliens. Using 20 to 50 (or more) singly-based figures per player and moving them as units, two players can complete a typical scenario on a 6x4' table in under two hours. Every figure represents a single man, vehicle or alien. Squads move and fight as units (they are placed on spare CDs used as trays). Single models are removed as casualties.

SWATTERS is an infantry-centric game in which vehicles, gun emplacements and giant monsters play an occasional role. Combat is based on the roll of a single six-sided die for the attacking unit and one for the defending unit. The difference between the scores determines the combat outcome.

The two asymmetrical forces each have a limited pool of supplementary dice that may be spent to ensure success in key tactical situations. Humans use these dice to gain an edge in ranged combat, while aliens use them to spawn reinforcements and become deadlier in close combat.

The book includes rules for: Close and ranged combat; Overwatch, ambushes, crossfire, reactive fire, support weapons, and orbital bombardment, 35 special rules;

Profiles for over 20 alien and 22 human troop types;

12 ready-to-run scenarios and two additional scenario ideas;

Guidelines for solo gaming;

A point system for designing your own troops; and

Ideas for using SWATTERS for other types of conflict.

SWATTERS is specially designed for the 15mm models produced by Khurasan Miniatures but may be used in any scale and with any other models, from 6mm to 28mm.

Written by Andrea Sfiligoi. Based on the "Song of Blades" engine by Ganesha Games.


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