Stalingrad for Beginners - Basic Wargame Tactical Analysis (Epub)

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Stalingrad, the 1963 game from Avalon Hill, is the most intensely
analyzed board wargame in the history of the wargaming hobby. Stalingrad
for Beginners - Basic Wargame Tactical Analysis - presents fundamentals
of play and basic strategic concepts at a level suitable for beginners.

For game designers, Stalingrad for Beginners has a different purpose.
The author's theme is that games are subject to deep tactical analysis,
if the players know exactly what the rules are. Full knowledge of the
rules is the opposite of the situation in some computer games, in which
players are left ignorant of the rules, so that game responses to player
actions can be mysterious, frustrating, or pointless. Stalingrad for
Beginners is a presentation by example of the virtue of transparent game
design, in which the full rules are known to the players.

Author and Professor George Phillies is a recognized grand master in the
play of Stalingrad. For almost a half century, his articles on game
play, game tactics, and game strategy have been eagerly sought out by
Stalingrad players around the world. His treatment "Stalingrad, the
Middle Game", is widely recognized as the best single article ever
written on the game. Now he has given us a volume suitable for novices
and for long-time players whose skills have become a bit rusty.

George Phillies is a Professor in the Worcester Polytechnic Institute
interdisciplinary program in Interactive Media and Game Development."

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