Dreadnought Rising: WW1 Naval Combat w/Computer Assistance

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NWS: Dreadnought Rising! (1906-1929) is a set of naval rules for miniatures or board game hex based tactical naval combat covering from 1906-1929, with a Windows based computer combat/assistance system.


* 50 page rules manual including a set of reference charts.
* Rapid fire and efficient combat system that will allow for large battles to be played quickly and efficiently.
* Can be played as a stand alone set of miniature rules or for hex based board game rules with or without the computer/assistance system.
* A chart for allowing one die roll to be used to handle multiple die rolls for faster damage results.
* Windows based computer combat system, scenario editor tool, reference information, and other game material on CD.
* Nations include: Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and Austria-Hungary.
* Detailed game data for 200+ classes of warships and 1100+ ships in the scenario editor base.
* 20 types of land units included covering airfields, coastal batteries, infantry, etc..
* Game scale: 1 turn = 3 minutes, 1 DU (Distance Unit) = 1000 yards (0.5nm)
* Rules and data for float/spotter aircraft and anti-aircraft fire.
* Scenario editor software with a wide variety of scenario building options including ship starting damage, crew quality, ammunition, weather conditions, visibility, turn based weather changes and daylight transition, etc.
* Detailed printable unit sheets for all 200+ ship classes and land units.
* Each unit sheet has detailed data for each unit in the game, space for 20 turns of combat and maneuvers, and side-view drawings.
* Detailed rules covering movement, spotting, speed loss from turning, stack smoke, etc.
* Gunnery effectiveness based on calculations covering a ships ‘accuracy’ of fire and ‘volume’ of fire.
* Ship movement is affected by acceleration, deceleration, turning rates, turning speed loss, sea state, and listing.
* Firepower ratings for each main, secondary, and tertiary gun turrets or mounts.
* Spotting details that include the size of spotter and target, visibility, weather, smoke, and optional rules for levels of identification.
* Detailed gunnery combat calculations that cover both volume and accuracy of fire and include target range and speed, gun quality, target identification, shell types, Director and Fire Control fittings, etc.
* Detailed damage system for above and below waterline damage covering main gun turrets, secondary or tertiary firepower, torpedo mounts, con/bridge, rudder/steering, propulsion, searchlights, fires, flooding, progressive flooding, listing, damage control, and magazine explosions.
* The Windows based computer combat system (CCS) allows scenarios to be played without the use of any paperwork at all!
* 250 ships and 50 land unit capacity using the CCS.
* The CCS keeps track of the status of each unit, ammunition, damage, and progressive flooding.
* The CCS allows you to enter the combat data for each firing unit and target unit and at the end of each turn the CCS will simultaneously resolve all gunnery and torpedo combat and display 2 optional detail levels of results.
* All combat is recorded using a After Action Report (AAR) using a printable and viewable TXT (text) format.
* The CCS has been extensively tested and should function on any Microsoft Windows PC, but functionality of this item cannot be guaranteed on all PC systems.


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