Struggle for New France 1754-1762

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Pages in main/rules file: 8

Game System:

Players: 2

Designer(s): Bill Molyneaux

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The Battle for New France is an introductory level point to point movement wargame covering the Seven Years War (1754-1762), focusing on events occurring in North America as a grand campaign game. It is designed for two players although solitaire guidelines are provided.

8 Page rules booklet
1 Player aid sheet
1 8.5 x 11" map
176 Counters
62 Event cards

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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Pierluigi Pellizzer 8 7 8 Very good gaming tool for educational purposes. As a game system, the event cards heavily influence the outcome (who receive reinforcements earlier has more chances to win), but is still an enjoyable game to play.
Cheung Kar Fai 8 9 8 The game is playable and easy to learn; the graphic is good as well. Overall satisatied and recommended.

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