Biplane Barmy

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Biplane Barmy is a game of World War I fighter combat. This is not a detailed simulation of aerial warfare between the allies and central forces; it is designed to be fast and playable. Players control one or more planes
each and secretly choose maneuvers each turn, then move all planes
simultaneously and resolve firing. The game is fast and furious, typically
playable in around 15 minutes, and is intended for those days when you
finish role-playing early and want a quick diversion.
a.. 38 pages
b.. Complete World War I Slang dictionary
c.. 102 counters
d.. Map grids
e.. Maneuver charts

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Biplane Barmy


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FABRIZIO PERRONE 10 10 10 Great!
Ryan Alaric 10 9 9 A great Party game! Very easy to pick up and play, and, all you need to supply are dice!

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