Marines vs. Zombies

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"Trapped in a crumbling city, surrounded by brain eating zombies... Can the
gallant marines make it to the helipad for evac before they become lunch?"
Marines versus Zombies is an exciting game for two or more players. A group
of marines has been cut off from base and must struggle to find the helipad
and escape. The map is constructed from 25 face-down tiles, randomly laid
out in a 5x5 grid which allows for a unique game every time.
a.. Marines vs. Zombies is a 46 page book with everything you need to play
(except dice).

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Marines vs. Zombies


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Gene Dickens 9 8 9 Its very funny if you don't mind losing an arm or a leg. And the price is good too.
Brian Cottrell 10 10 10 If you are loking for a fast and fun cheap zombie game then this is it. Nothing like killing zombies with a K-Bar!
Karl Petterson 6 6 6 Easily understood and playable with the addition of dice. Add some Miniatures and other 3-d elements and youv'e got a good start towards some RPG games of survival.
Richard Phelan 9 9 8 Well presented, enjoyable game system, easy to add your own scenarios and characters
alan rhodes 5 5 4 nice idea

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