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Play out classic sea battles of the age of fighting sail using the Ship of
the Line rules. The pdf has everything you need to play (except dice)
including rules, maps and counters. Ship of the Line is for two or more players and a typical game will take an hour or less to finish. Ship of the
Line includes full rules for:

a.. All manner of ships, including Brigs, Sloops, Frigates and Ships of
the Line
b.. Unusual vessels such as fire ships, explosion ships, bomb vessels and
c.. Fortifications such as floating batteries and forts
d.. Islands, reefs, shallows, harbours and other terrain types
e.. Carronades, round shot, chain shot, hot shot and other unusual
ammunition types
f.. Crew quality and Legendary Officers
g.. Prize money and rules for campaign play
h.. A complete random scenario generator
i.. Scenarios for such major historical battles as Camperdown, the Nile
and the battle of Trafalgar!
j.. Extensive notes on real ships which saw service in the late 18th and
early 19th century, including French, Spanish, British, Dutch and Danish
k.. And much more....
Like its sister products (Blazing Jets and Biplane Barmy) Ship of the Line
uses the choose and move system, which places a strong emphasis on tactical
thinking. If you enjoyed those games you'll love this.

Ship of the Line is a 77 page full colour pdf.

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Ship of the Line


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Paul Blomquist 8 7 8 Spelling errors, you might want to explain the reasoning behind how easy it is to hit other ships (it isn't very intuitive until you actually play).
Yann Schmitt 10 10 10 livre de qualité téléchargement sans problèmes

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