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Sparks flew in the darkness as metal clashed against metal. The battle cries of the Horde mixed with the shouts of the city's defenders and the screams of the wounded. Havar Knowles, Captain of the Guard, repeated his order as his sword dispatched another of the marauding creatures. In the back of his mind, Knowles noted that the attackers made a satisfying thump as they fell from the city walls.

This was the third time in as many nights that the Horde had assaulted their beloved city. And although they fought valiantly, each night the number of defenders declined, while the numbers of the enemy seemed to swell as time went on. It was clear that, without outside relief, the city would fall in a matter of days.

The blast of the horn could be felt before it was heard, but when it came, its deep, rumbling voice seemed to part the waves of the attacking Horde. Knowles thought it was an illusion at first, but soon all the fighting around him came to a halt as the marauders pulled back from the city gate.

In the flicker of torchlight, Knowles could see a space open up among the Horde. As the clearing grew larger, an enormous, shadowy figure stepped forward. In the silence, Knowles met the creature's gaze and understood. Just you and me, is that it? he thought as he climbed down to meet his destiny. Well then, let's get it over with...

ARES: Miniatures Wargaming System is a complete skirmish-level fantasy game. But it is also much more. The flexibility of the system allows players to use any wargaming miniatures in their collection.

Over two dozen sample figures are detailed in this book, but the real strength of ARES is its figure creation system, that encourages players to use their imaginations -- which is the way it should be!

Also included is a fully-customizable magic system, providing players with the opportunity to design their own spells for their troops.



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