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The tent was filled with the smell of blood and battle. General deMirian was dead; it was up to him, Captain Hans deRinoit, to lead the troops now. What remaining forces he had under his command were tired, beaten down and filled with despair. "How is it possible," he thought, "for that so-called army of misshapen creatures to be so incredibly well organized? Perhaps one of the Duguth leaders has gotten himself an object of some power."

A low rumble from the battlefield filled deRinoit with fear and anger. "There’s that confounded beast ripping the very hills up from the earth again. How are we to combat these monsters if the land itself is working against us?"

Pulling his helmet on for his final battle, deRinoit spared a passing glance at the tactical map describing troop locations. At last, he saw it! The maneuver that would oust these foul beasts from his territory had been staring at him without him even noticing. If only he can hold his troops together for this final stand to their victory!

For the Masses is a complete fantasy mass-combat wargame system, designed for use with 15mm miniatures, although any line of miniatures from 6mm up can be used for play. But it is also much more: The flexibility of the system allows players to use any fantasy setting and armies to play out famous fantastical scenarios and ancient epic battles.

Several sample army lists are included in the book, but the real strength of For the Masses is the unit creation system. This system encourages players to be creative, use their imagination and have fun, which is the way wargaming should be!



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