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Simple wargame rules for re-fighting the Battle of Gettysburg
Game includes:

16-page rule book
32-page Armies of Gettysburg (Ratings for all regiments and leaders)
50 card movement and firing deck of cards (using Avery Business Card Template 5377)
Full Color cover sheet with “Grand Battery” errata on reverse side
Players Aid sheet, 1- unit record sheet, and 1-sheet of game tables.

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“Just got the rules for "A Simple Civil War Game" and they look good. Nice job on the graphics!!!...” & “… I showed the game to some fellow war gamers, and they seemed to like your approach…” said Bob O'H… in an e-mail received in JAN 2005.

"OUTSTANDING GAME! and the troop lists are great to have. Very Satisfied"
said 'hamwarleigh (81)' in E-bay feedback received in Oct, 2004.

"WOW! Very nice game! Good Price! Great Service! Thank you!!
said 'jusdoit7 (73) in E-bay feedback received in Sept., 2004.

This simple tabletop game can be played with any Civil War miniatures you may have, or with something as simple as a set of wooden blocks painted blue and gray.

Combat is based on the “stand” (each stand representing 100 men, or 2 guns and crew)

Movement, combat, and morale are based (and modified) for the levels of command.
In these rules, leaders can make a real difference when units of equal capability and morale meet on the table-top. Card draw effects movement, combat, and time.

The 16-page rule book is easy to learn as the rule is on the left side of the page, and a photo, illustration, or highlight is on the right side of the page to clarify that rule or statement.

The 32-page “armies” booklet that rates each regiment, battery, and officer in the Army of the Potomac and Army of Northern Virginia for their performance during the Battle of Gettysburg and is organized by the UNION Corp or CONFEDERATE Division

1-set of 50 cards that control time, firing, movement, and “special situations” that might occur during a table-top battle. Each cycle of the deck is “1-hour” of game time.

These rules can use any of your existing miniatures, stand size makes no difference as long as both sides are mounted the same. If you do not have miniatures, or do not want to paint miniatures, a product called “ACW Paper Armies” is available for both sides. Individual “stands” show infantry, cavalry, artillery, commanders, wagons, and limbers in full color overhead photos.


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