Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide (1e)

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Your Empire Awaits...

"Those also serve that stand and weld." War is not just about defeating your enemy on the field of battle. A war can just as easily be won by avoiding it with diplomacy, wonder weapons developed by your scientists in secret, being the best at knowing other people’s secrets, on the floor of a stock exchange, in the busy floors of your factories, or the cavernous interiors of mighty shipyards. But, in the end, the matter must be decided one way or another. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war...

Victory by Any Means (VBAM): Campaign Guide is a generic sci-fi campaign system that can interface with existing tactical war game rules or else operate as a stand- alone campaign environment. Unlike some campaign systems, VBAM is easy to run - both for players and gamemasters alike. The time savings is even more important considering the breadth of the rules: research, intelligence networks, space and ground combat, colony insurrections -- rules for all of these (and more) are included in the VBAM campaign rules.

This modular rules system is designed to integrate seamlessly into your favorite game universe. The main book includes several existing player species to get you started and rules and ideas to create your own source material. Several pre-created source materials are available to expand your gaming universe.

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ISBN 0-9764048-0-X
8.5" x 11" (portrait)
120 pages


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Peter Brown 10 9 10 Order was processed quickly and the download quality was excellent. I will order from here again.
Wayne Newton 9 9 9 A real good by could do with a Quick reference card!
Jeremy Fridy 9 9 9 This is a REALLY comprehensive system. It's kind of scary.
Eugene Gesner 8 8 8 Good idea manual, capable of being used as a strategic type game without a tactical system, yet adaptable to fit in with one's favorite tactical system.

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