VBAM: Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians

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A Universe Is Born

Two warring juggernauts, the Boltian Star League and the Kuissian Empire, have finally reached a peace accord after their first wearisome conflict. Unfortunately, the appearance of the Terran Union in a critical system destroyed this delicate peace in an instant, sparking the Second War which would haunt the participants for years to come.

These are The Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians, the first VBAM source book set in the Boltian and Kuissian Universe. This book covers each empire's humble beginnings and trials as they journey to space. Included for the player is a complete set of histories, ships, and scenarios covering the First and Second Boltians and Kuissian Wars. Everything you need to run a Victory by Any Means campaign is contained within this 110-page source book!

For full use of Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians the player must have Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide. Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians can still be enjoyed as stand-alone sci-fi background, but the game requires that players have the VBAM Campaign Guide to use any of the stats that comes with the book.

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ISBN 0-9764048-1-8
8.5" x 11" (portrait)
108 pages


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