F*ck This! expansion #2 (Supersized profanity)

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Price: $ 1.00

File Type: pdf

File Size: 3 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 0

Game System: F*ck This!

Players: 2+


demo: No demo available


* * Parental Advisory: Mature Content.

F*ck This! expansion #2 (Supersized profanity)

A 29-card expansion set for the:

Choose one:
a. blasphemous
b. profane
c. explicit
d. all of the above

F*ck This! card game.

This set of cards is well...stuff that didn't fit in the main game and may be over the top even for a card game called F*ck This!.


If you already like the game, there won't be anything here that bothers you. The cards can add to the basic deck, or be substituted in to replace cards you would rather not play with.

And hey, it's only a buck...


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