Battle of Thermopylae

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Pages in main/rules file: 8

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Players: 2


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The Battle of Thermopylae is an affordable, easy to play 2 player game covering the ancient battle between the Persians and a Spartan led Greek alliance.

The Battle of Thermopylae is one of the most lengendary battles of the ancient world. Facing invasion by the mighty Persian army, the little Greek City States unite to confront the Persian King Xerxes and his army of 100,000 soldiers, including the world famous Immortals. Led by the Spartan King, Leonidas, and 300 Spartans and a small Greek army numbering less than 1/10th that of the Persian Army make a desperate stand at Thermopylae.

A fast paced 2 player game with a unique bidding system that determines which army the players control and the victory conditions for each.

Game includes a 10" x 16" game map, 1 page of game rules and 100+ cut out game units. You will also need at least 1D10 to play this game.



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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
edouard fernandez-Bollo 10 8 9 very classical,good
Gunther Bellows 4 4 4 Very bland overall disappointed
Mike Dundas 9 9 9 An interesting addition to the field of ancient warfare
Jonathan Townsend 10 5 9
Jeff Hubbard 9 7 8

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