Grunt 3rd Edition: Skills & Abilities

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The Grunt 3rd Edition Skills & Abilities sourcebook allows players to develope their Grunt armies in all new and unique ways. As your Units gain enough experience to gain Experience Levels, now you can opt to gain new Skills and increase Skill Levels as your reward. With 13 different Skills, ranging from Hunting, Engineering, Magic Smithing, Rune Magic, Beast Master, Espionage, Leadership and more, you can now personalize your Grunt army in ways no foe can predict or plan for.

This sourcebook includes:
1) Cover + 13 Pages of rules cover 13 different Skills Grunt Units may acquire.
2) Magic Item Record Sheet
3) Six pages of Battlefield Markers related to the various Skills and Abilities.

21 pages in total, including cover.

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Grunt 3rd Edition: Fantasy Miniature Battles



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